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Ted Lasso: Season 1

What a delight. I’m clearly way behind on this one. Everyone seems to love this show, so I had to know what I was missing out on.

It wasn’t what I expected. I went into it thinking Ted Lasso was going to be a bumbling character with no depth, immature antics, and predictable, physical comedy. I was pleasantly surprised to find out his character is very well rounded.

The feel of the show reminds me of sitcoms from the 90s. But with a bit of an edge. The language and sexual references would have never made it to TGIF, but it’s perfectly welcomed on your modern-day streaming platform.

But even with that in mind, it still feels incredibly wholesome. Largely due to the character Ted, but it bounces off the others around him. Coach Beard, Nate, Sam, Davi. My favorite line from the season is probably when Ted calls Davi a “raven haired Golden Retriever.” Hilarious and accurate.

Some of my favorite things:

The show is very well written. It can be easy to get lost in the silliness of many of Ted’s conversations. But the writing is so tight that if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss something.

The friendships, namely Rebecca and Keeley. On paper, they should have never formed a bond, but it was lovely to see two women be supportive and holding each other accountable. Even when Keeley learns Rebecca was the person behind the paparazzi photos of her and Ted, she doesn’t immediately drop their friendship. She established a boundary, Rebecca respected it, and then they both moved on. In the real world, that would have been significantly more complicated, but it was refreshing to see adults acting like adults and leaning into forgiveness.

And lastly, the character arcs. Everyone really seemed to come full circle by the end of the season. Rebecca went from vindictive to remorseful and compassionate. Nate became a respected member of the team. Roy remained rough around the edges but accepting of his position as the eldest player on the team. And then, of course, there’s Ted.

Ted is confronted by his painfully optimistic personality when his marriage falls apart. It appears his blissful optimism is who he truly is at his core. And for someone who believes in positivity, he was forced to look inward. Even Coach Beard hit his breaking point when Ted showed indifference to the team’s standing in the league. But sometimes, even the most optimistic person needs a dose of reality. And Ted was willing to do that. Not only was he hoping for a win, he was even willing to settle for a draw. And though the football season didn’t go how they all wanted, it showed that someone, even as seemingly as well put together as Ted, still has room for growth.

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